Our Issues

by gatvolcapetonian_v2o7xc

Our main areas of advocacy are:

There is a shortage of affordable housing in Cape Town and throughout the Western and Northern Cape.  Families have been on waiting lists for decades while newcomers to the Western Cape are approved.  This must change.

Students are attending under funded schools with no resources to properly educate them.  We will advocate for more school funding and extra-curricular activities for students during the school year and holidays.

Descendants of the Khoi and San people are being denied job opportunities and experiencing high unemployment due to the national government’s affirmative action policies that do not apply in the Western and Northern Cape.  In agreement with the Constitutional Court decision, we will hold the Western Cape government accountable to comply with the ruling and give first preference to “Coloureds” — the majority ethnic group.

Due to the systematic, institutional racism, experienced under Apartheid, the ANC government and DA government, crime has increased exponentially throughout the Western and Northern Cape communities.  Working with community partners and government, we will mobilize to bring down crime in our communities.



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